Friday, March 22, 2013

Never mind the creaks, this is a wedding!

Shotgun weddings are not out of the ordinary.  So when I got a call from a friend asking me if I was free to shoot one that same day I told him I was happy to, I happened to be free that evening and it was for a friend.  But I became more interested when he told me where it was taking place: in a treehouse.

I've been to casual weddings before but this one took the proverbial cake.  I might have chosen to think it was a joke if I hadn't seen the marriage certificate myself.  You know the minister means business when he shows up in a hoody and a stocking cap, looks at the walls and says, "I hope this thing can hold this much weight."

Here, in front of a wall tapestry and underneath a plywood ceiling the bride and groom provide some comic relief mid-ceremony.  Not that we all needed any, nobody was taking themselves too seriously that evening, not even the photographer.  Especially since we all got out alive.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ever the spectacle, Spring again walks the red carpet


As the curtain closes on old man winter's performance spring again takes the stage.  Ever the heroine she again manages to avoid typecasts and deliver much needed comic relief countering the drama that was ever so sullenly woven during the months preceding her arrival.  From the cherry blossoms to the dogwoods everyone dons their theater tailleur to usher in her performance. 

Ever reluctantly the weather is changing and we found ourselves dodging hailstorms between basking in the sunlight on this morning's walk.  Spring is less than three days away but the trees don't pay heed to our calendar, they tick by another clock.  One that is spinning ever faster as winter releases his dark gray cloak and spring begins to recite her lines, much to the delight of the frozen and windblown audience.  I smile when I remember that Nature's theater doesn't have a dress code barring sandals.