Saturday, December 22, 2018

The Conductor Never Looked Down Upon the Trapeze Artist

In an elevator in the Washington State Capitol building I was once asked by a gun-control lobbyist client if I would have accepted the same job from a pro-gun lobbyist.  My answer to her: Yes.  Business is business right?  Well, it's a bit deeper than that.

We all possess the capability to judge others; it's a part of our human psyche, whether for better or for worse.  Some people despise hunting, others religion, just as two examples.  But there's always another side to the story.  Someone who hates religion may not realize the good deeds a particular church does for their community.  One who despises guns may not witness the actions of a responsible gun owner, as he works to start a responsible gun ownership class in his hometown. 

I'm offering no defense of these individuals, this is not my purpose.  I'm merely stating that in this
world of the 24-hour news cycle, with bad news thrown at us daily, we are quick to pass judgement
on others, knitting a blanket of dogmatism without considering the particular individual involved.  Our current nationwide political division is evidence of this separation - our failure to recognize that we are a country composed of many individuals with different interests, different drives, and different ambitions.

Furthering the human race is the goal and it takes all types of people with all types of interests to get us there.  To quote Helen Reddy from 1977's Pete's Dragon, "there's room for everyone in this world."