Friday, May 30, 2014

Community Personified

I like to think that every photograph I capture tells a story but some do more than others.  On a recent visit to San Francisco I spent some time in the community of Bayview.  As with many communities I visit across the country the economic downturn has left a mark - a large portion of their commercial storefronts closed, many people looking for jobs, a mirror for much of America.

But what really amazed me here was the sense of community.  Families grilling on the sidewalk, wafting their tasty smoke down the street, a blocked-off street full of gradeschool children dancing to the beat of a live band, a saxophone blowing notes into the air that skirted their way down 3rd Street.

It was truly a pleasure to meet the residents of Bayview.  It may be a community in the midst of economic change but it's a community whose residents haven't forgotten what really makes communities work: neighbors.

This image is all about the details.