Wednesday, March 18, 2015

From Reels and Rewinds to Programs and Pixels

Digital and Analog.  Two completely different methods of relaying information - one from the days of film and tape and the other based on invisible 1's and 0's.  But when it comes to video creation that difference becomes amazingly blurred.

Dials, buttons, LED displays, tape reels - the appurtenances found on video editing machines twenty years ago - these are the machines we used in class.  Back then it would take me eight hours to edit a thirty second commercial.  I turned the dials, pushed the buttons, cohorted with my partner, and made good fun of it - all while sitting in a small room with a tiny tv screen above my head blinking my progress.

When the digital revolution hit things changed.  No more film developing, tape copying, clicking machines laying around.  Digital creation is easier, quicker, cheaper.  Videos can be created now more quickly and efficiently than ever before in their history.

But I'll be darned if still doesn't take me eight hours to edit a thirty second commercial.

Blue Water Health from Pettepiece Photography on Vimeo.
Olympia Videography

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