Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Waste Not Want More

We all have things we don't use anymore – old furniture, clothes, computers, televisions, cars. Sometimes these things depart our lives almost as quickly as we acquired them.  We use them to their fullest then donate them to charities or thrift stores or recycle them in hopes that they find a new life.

We hope they find a new home helping others, as clothes to help keep a child warm from the night, as cookware to allow someone who couldn't afford a pot to make soup, or as material to be recycled as a new product.

Somewhere between this cycle of donation and delivery is a purgatory.  And nowhere is this better illustrated than in a junkyard – acres of used material goods all fully instilled with our shining hopes for a better life and a new home.  We hope that they find their destiny.

But we don't really want to know if they don't.

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