Thursday, August 6, 2015

Shangrila is a Lick Away

Summer is like a giant lollipop laced with lsd that you take lick every day for 3 months.  The sand, the salt, the sun, the smiles - the high never really goes away.  

Summer as a young kid, I remember: Summer!... Wake up, go to the beach, hunt lizards, run through the woods, find the top speed of your friend's new go cart, explore the quintessential meaning of fireworks, experience the true pleasure of having absolutely nothing to do (an experience you won't actually appreciate until much later in life).

Those early years of summer make an imprint on our psyche and never go away, even after we become adults - summer means fun.

In summer there is redemption.  Even with our busy lives, meetings, deadlines, we find time to make a little extra time for summer.  One might be forgiven if they thought they were in heaven.  Even if we know that it, like the lollipop, will soon be gone.

Here Chad, with gaptooth abandon and a twinkle in his eye, explains what summer is all about.

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